Completed On Farm Trials

3IN1FEEDERS regularly conduct on-farm trials to provide our customers with the necessary facts to make informed decisions.

Creep Feeding Trial

Creep feeding is the process of exclusively feeding unweaned young stock. Creep feeding speeds up the development of the lamb’s rumen and increases their utilisation and conversion of pasture and fodder at a younger age by supplementing them with a high starch based feed.

Objectives behind implementing creep feeding are to increase growth rates, the number of ewes run on the property and increase the number of ewe lambs to reach the desired minimum joining weight at 7 months.

Result summary:
Lambs that were creep fed with 3IN1FEEDERS averaged a weight of 59.4lb at weaning while the lambs in the control mob averaged only 49.3lb.

With an estimated lamb birth weight of 9lb, the creep fed mob grew 25% faster.

The weaning rates were substantially different. The supplement mob achieved 159% while the control group were at 139%.

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Barley Supplement Trial

Livestock are frequently grazed on high performance crops and pastures to ensure high growth rates yet the forage consumed can have excessive protein and have limited energy and carbohydrates.
Supplementing stock with cereal grains can balance all these dietary issues and deficiencies.

Result summary:
Stock offered 0.22lb/day of barley gained 0.80lb/day of live weight − those without gained just 0.57lb/day of live weight.
An added benefit was that lambs were away quicker, consuming less fodder and allowing more lambs to be finished on the Lucerne pasture.

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Upcoming On-farm Trials

3IN1FEEDERS continue to test completed trial results and assess the profitability of a range of supplement feeding systems. Upcoming trials include:

Rumen efficiency: Comparing 3IN1FEEDING against periodic feeding

Assess the most profitable method to supplement ewes and produce lambs.

Compare the performance of a group of 3IN1FEEDERS supplemented ewes fed 70% of the amount of a group that is fed on the ground every second day.

Supplementing weaned ewe lambs to increase conception with breeding at seven months of age

Compare the profitability of adding a supplement to a group of weaned ewe lambs at a rate of ½lb/day through 3IN1FEEDERS compared to a control group that have no supplement.

The primary objective is to increase the number of ewe lambs that conceive. The secondary objective is to increase the number of foetuses/rate of pregnancy.

Compare the growth and weaning rates of lambs from twin and triplet ewes

Compare the profitability of supplementing a group of:


  1. triplet lambs; and
  2. twin lambs,

before weaning with pellets and barley against control groups that receive no supplement.