Keith and Cynthia Mailhot

The Meadows Ranch, Caribou, BC

We bought two of the smaller 3IN1FEEDERS at the Canadian Classics show in Barrier this summer and have finally gotten them set up.

There was NO problem at all introducing it to the feeder lambs, just showed a former bottle baby where the grain was and everyone (about 75 lambs) took note.

I am impressed that there has been no crowding at the feeder after the first discovery. Thanks for making a terrific tool available to us.


Marlin and Myrna Huber

Coronation, Alberta

We have had goats for almost 18 years and more recently added 200 sheep to our farm. We have always been looking for a better way to control feed, reduce waste and not be tied down to daily chores. We unsuccessfully tried a variety of methods and feeders looking for a solution. After browsing the internet and finding these Australia invented 3IN1FEEDERS we became very interested.

After much discussion with the inventor, Gerard Roney from Australia we finally brought our first feeders into North America in February of 2013.

We put them to the challenge to see if they would actually work for our goats and our sheep.

We were so excited to see how well they worked with our livestock. We loved the option of limit feeding ewes/does down to 1/2 lb per day while allowing the lambs/kids to eat free choice on the other side without needing any extra creep panels. The sheep and goats were so much more relaxed out there during lambing and kidding.

Some of the goats tried desperately to contaminate the feed by pawing at the feeder. We were pleased to see that they were not able to access the feed with their hooves.

This summer we moved goat kids from a straight grass diet onto this grain feeder. We were thrilled at the smooth transition with no grain overload and without the runny back ends. Being able to gradually increase their intake per day is what helps to make this successful.

We enjoy the extra freedom these feeders give our family and are happy to no longer have to deal with all that contaminated wasted feed!

Mathieu and Tina Kiefer

Unity, Saskatchewan

So far, the feeders are working awesome. The kids are born from April 1 to April 20 and started at the feeder on April 30. We can’t wait to see the growth over the next few months.

We haveabout 100 kids on the feeder and don’t think it is over capacity at all. My favorite part of feeder is allowing kids only to eat from feeder.

Thanks again for bringing these awesome feeders over here. Products like these feeders will advance our industry faster than we know.