Price Strategy

Everyday low prices

3IN1FEEDERS are the same price year round. You can be confident that whenever you decide to purchase our product you are receiving the best price.

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3IN1FEEDERS have only one dealer in North America. You won’t have to haggle with re-sellers for the best price.

Best Value

The numerous benefits and multiple uses that are unique to 3IN1FEEDERS easily make our product range the best value on the market.

Prices Table

Feeder Form Price ex. TAX
3800 Flat-packed $2180.00
Assembled $2330.00
1800 Flat-packed $1940.00
Assembled $2075.00
800 Flat-packed $1080.00
Assembled $1180.00
MGF3800 Flat-packed $3900.00
Assembled $4125.00
MGF1800 Flat-packed $3020.00
Assembled $3230.00
MA Flat-packed N/A
Assembled $195.00
Creep Panel Standard with all feeders

Depending on your location and need for delivery, extra charges and taxes may apply.