Controlled Feeding System

The Advanced Adjustment System gives the user superior control over the amount of feed rationed to stock.

The Advanced Adjustment System restricts intake when the adjustable plates are in their lowest setting, requiring stock to lick the feed out from between them.

Livestock require a sufficient amount of saliva for feed to stick to their tongues and make it back to their mouths.

Research has shown that when the adjustable plates are in a ration setting, stock lick for 5-10 minutes before returning to graze and access supplement from the feeder 8-12 times/day.

Early Rumen Development

Feeding high starch-based diets to calves drastically reduces the time required for the rumen to develop. This leads to them processing more pasture at a younger age, improving weight gain and profitability.

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How 3IN1FEEDERS Will Make Your Farm More Profitable

Increase rumen efficiency: decrease feed consumption, increase weight gain and reproductive performance

A rumen that has a constant source of a degradable protein increases fermentation rates – thus processing larger amounts of dietary carbohydrates and increasing energy intake.

Feeding stock every second day is inefficient as the rumen microbes need to change from digesting lower quality pasture to digesting the supplement. Once the supplement has passed through the rumen, the microbes need to change back again.

Using 3IN1FEEDERS ensures that the rumen has a consistent supply of both the supplement and pasture to ensure optimum rumen efficiency.

Our customers often achieve better than a 3:1 supplement feed conversion ratio – supplementing 1lb/day to weaned lambs on pasture has increased weight gain by .4lb/day.

Farmers who measure pasture consumption recognize that stock also consume less pasture. The consumption of less pasture enables more stock per acre to be run.

Save time:

Alternative methods of creep and supplement feeding often involve pail feeding or dealing with 25kg bags of feed. Feeding in such small quantities means that it can be a daily task. Feeding in bulk with the 3IN1FEEDERS means loading in bulk as little as once or twice a month.

3IN1FEEDERS allow farmers to load bulk amounts with skid steers, front-end loaders or mini bulks instead of pail feeding. Balanced rations can be mixed and fed in a controlled manner.

Reduce waste:

Our lick system ensures that any feed, which falls into the trough, is eaten right away as livestock find this easier to access than the lick area. This means that the trough is always licked clean first and all feed is utilized.

When rain falls on feed sitting in a trough, the feed is often wasted. 3IN1FEEDERS hold the feed between the Advanced Adjustment System so only a small amount of feed, if any, may get wet. The feed in this area is minimal and stock will lick it out before it restricts the flow.

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On-farm Trial Results

3IN1FEEDERS regularly conduct on-farm trials to provide our customers with the necessary facts to make informed decisions.

  • Creep Feeding Trial – supplementing ewes and their lambs

    Objective: Compare the profitability of creep feeding a group of lambs against a control group.

    The ewes in the creep feeding group were fed barley, starting seven days before lambing for 35 days. Their lambs were then creep-fed for the next 50 days.

  • Weaned lambs – supplementing Alfalfa grazing

    Objective: Compare the profitability of supplementing a group of weaned lambs against a control group with no supplement.

    The supplement group was fed ¼lb/day of wheat for 50 days.

  • Lamb survival – Reducing mis-mothering

    Objective: Compare the profitability of two methods of supplementary feeding – feeding on the ground, every second day versus constant supplementing with 3IN1FEEDERS.


Tongues, saliva and metal at below freezing conditions have obvious issues. 3IN1FEEDERS has overcome this issue by coating all the parts the stock lick between to ensure there is no harm to the animal. Rest assured that the products and the 3IN1FEEDERS Advanced Adjustment System have successfully been through a number winters in Norway, the UK, New Zealand and of course Canada and the US.