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Price Table

Feeder Price (BC, AB, SK, MB) Price (Other areas)
Flat-Packed N/A N/A
Assembled CAD$3,495 Call for pricing
Flat-Packed CAD$2,815 CAD$2,945
Assembled CAD$2,955 CAD$3,125
Flat-Packed CAD$2,415 CAD$2,520
Assembled CAD$2,595 CAD$2,700
Flat-Packed CAD$1,495 CAD$1,555
Assembled CAD$1,595 CAD$1,655
Flat-Packed N/A N/A
Assembled CAD$4,995 Call for pricing
Flat-Packed CAD$4,395 CAD$4,585
Assembled CAD$4,695 CAD$4,885
Flat-Packed CAD$3,745 CAD$3,910
Assembled CAD$3,995 CAD$4,160
CGNA (1 Gate only) Flat-Packed N/A N/A
Assembled $495 N/A
CGW (1 Gate Only) Flat-Packed CAD$535 CAD$550
Assembled CAD$595 CAD$610
CGN (1 Gate Only) Flat-Packed CAD$395 CAD$410
Assembled CAD$445 CAD$460
Flat-Packed n/a CAD$295
Assembled CAD$317.50 CAD$317.50
Flat-Packed CAD$50 CAD$50
Assembled N/A N/A
Standard with all feeders

Depending on your location and need for delivery, extra charges may apply.
Additional taxes may apply.