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Mineral Attachment


  • The Advantage Feeders Mineral Attachment ensures stock receive their nutritional requirements while reducing waste and labour.
  • With a capacity of 120kg, one scenario is being able to feed 200 sheep, with 25 grams/head/day for 24 days.
  • Being attached to the end of a feeder makes it easy to move when the stock and feeder are moved to another paddock.
  • It can fasten onto any feeder provided that it has an area of 700 x 400mm (WxH) to bolt on to.
Mineral Attachment

Assembled Dimensions:

760 x 400 x 550 (LxWxH)


85 litres or 120 kg

Feeds used:

Any loose or pelletised mineral mix

Amounts of outlets:



10 kg


UV protected polyethylene


Hangs on 4 bolts or 2 brackets

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