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3IN1FEEDERS Creep Panel (standard with all feeders)

Note: The creep panel works equally as well with does and kids.

Safe for ewes and lambs

  • The 3IN1FEEDERS Creep Panel is safe for both ewes and lambs. As the Creep Panel operates based on the size of the head of the sheep, and not the size of the animal, it is able to restrict ewes and allow lambs easy access.
  • Many farmers report that when the Creep Panel is engaged the ewes stand back from the feeder because the ewes know that they cannot access any feed.
  • The system works well up until the lambs are 4 months of age. At this age the lambs heads start getting close the same size as a ewe. At 4 months most lambs have been weaned.

Using the Creep Panel

  • Many farmers utilize the Creep Panel on one side of the feeder and allow the ewes a small ration on the other side. This system is ideal when lambs are 2 to 8 weeks of age and the ewes require a small supplement. This enables one side of the feeder to creep feed lambs free choice and the other side to feed ewes a restricted ration.
  • Ewes teach their lambs to eat from feeders from 2 weeks of age.
  • It is best to feed a mix that is 4Mcal and 18% crude protein when creep feeding.
  • From 20 days of age to weaning, lambs consume an average of 250grams/head/day.

Benefits of creep feeding

  • Promotes the development of a proper functioning rumen - the faster the gut is developed, the better the eventual growth, health and nutrient digestion of the lamb;
  • Increased survival rates of weaners;
  • Meeting target weights for market;
  • Increased twin and triplet development;
  • Providing sufficient nutrition when ewes are on inadequate pastures; and
  • Early weaning to allow ewes to regain condition quicker.


The 3IN1FEEDERS Creep Panel revolutionises lamb creep feeding by simplifying the system and reducing potential harm to stock. The Creep Panel (Patent application number: 2010903466) works by acting as a guard over the trough denying ewes access to the feed based on their head being too large.

3IN1FEEDERS - CP - Lamb Creep Feeding

The Creep Panel is able to be pivoted to allow the feeder to operate either as a creep feeder (Creep Panel engaged) or a standard feeder (Creep Panel open).

The 3IN1FEEDERS Creep Panels are permanently attached to the feeder. This makes repositioning the 3IN1FEEDER easy. The system is cost effective because it consists of 1 part.

Two Creep Panels are provided with every 3IN1FEEDER at no additional cost.

Easy to Adjust

Creep Panel Engaged

Creep Panel Open

3IN1FEEDERS - CP - Easy to Adjust

Number of stock per feeder

There are many variables to the number of sheep that can put on a feeder. The main consideration is what other sources of feed they have in their paddock. If sheep are totally reliant on the feeders then they will visit the feeder more often. As a general rule the feeders are suitable for the following quantities of stock:


  • 150-200 ewes or lambs
  • 70 ewes with 120 lambs


  • 75-100 ewes or lambs
  • 35 ewes with 60 lambs

Note: does and kids can be interchanged for ewes and lambs.