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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 3in1 stand for?

It can be used for 3 different feeding options:
  1. Controlled Feeding
  2. Creep Feeder – a creep panel for lambs and creep gates for cattle
  3. Free Choice Feeding

How many stock per feeder?



  • 150-200 ewes or lambs/does or kids
  • 70 ewes with 120 lambs/does with kids
  • 30-40 cattle
  • 20 cows with 20 calves
  • 40 calves


  • 75-100 ewes or lambs/does or kids
  • 35 ewes with 60 lambs/does with kids
  • 15-20 cattle
  • 10 cows with 10 calves
  • 20 calves
Calf Creep Feeding


  • 20 calves each
  • Note: only one CG2 can attach to the 1800. Two CG2 can attach to the 3800.


  • 10 calves each
  • Note: two CG1 can attach to the 800.
Lamb Creep Feeding


  • 150-200 ewes or lambs
  • 70 ewes with 120 lambs


  • 75-100 ewes or lambs
  • 35 ewes with 60 lambs

What do the codes stand for with the products?

  • 800: 800 litres - 27 bushels for each one.
  • 1800: 1800 litres - 51 bushels
  • 3800: 3800 litres - 108 bushels

What do the numbers on the stickers stand for?

Volume per litres and lbs in the hopper.

What quantity do the feeders hold?

  • 800: 500 kg - 27 bushels
  • 1800: 1150 kg - 51 bushels
  • 3800: 2400 kg - 108 bushels

Can the feeder be used for cattle, sheep and goats?

Yes - all the external areas are reinforced with steel tube to ensure they stand up to the treatment of stock.
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Can the height of the feeder be changed from cattle to sheep/goats?

Yes - the screws that fasten the skids to the body work can be taken out and put back in with the skid at a different height. On the 1800/51 bushels and 3800/108 bushels feeders the feeders come with 2 separate centre braces under the trough. One is for cattle and the other is for sheep height. This brace needs to be changed when adjusting the height. The 800/27 bushels has no centre support so you only need to move the legs.

Is it high enough to feed cattle?

Yes - it can be set at two heights – one suitable for sheep and one suitable for cattle. For cattle to eat from the feeder they do not need to get their shoulders under the weather protection panel.

How can the feeder be moved?

Two options, either by using forks or by using the skids. When skidding the 800/27 bushels can be skidded full but the 1800/51 bushels and 3800/108 bushels can only be skidded with 2000 kg in them. The 3800/108 bushel can only be lifted with 3000kg of feed but the 800/27 bushel and 1800/51 bushel can be moved full.

How do they cope with rain?

When the adjusters are set correctly the feed should stay in the licking area. This means that the trough should remain clean and the moisture will drain out each end through the drain holes. Any driving rain that hits the panel above the trough will fall into a channel and drain out of each end. This prevents the feed within the lick area getting wet.

Can ewes and lambs/does and kids be fed together?

Yes - the Creep Panel can be used on one side of the feeder to exclusively feed lambs/kids while the other side can have the Creep Panel in the raised position to allow ewes/does to feed, either free choice or controlled ration.

How can they be filled?

The opening of the 1800/51 bushel and 3800/108 bushel is 2320mm / 7'7". Most front end loader buckets are 7' to allow loading bulk feeds. They can also be filled using mini bulk bags.

Can any type of mixed feed be used?

The trough peak is angled at 45 degrees which alleviates the feed from bridging. This should allow most types of mixed rations to be fed.

How can the feeder be used for controlled feeding?

It has 2 adjuster plates that move perpendicular to each other. Depending on where they are positioned it can restrict the stocks' ability to lick the feed up. In the most restricted settings stock need their tongue to be moist enough for the feed to stick to it and come up out of the groove. After about 5 minutes of licking the tongue dries and they cannot get the feed to come out.

What is the adjuster guard used for?

This ensures stock don't move along the trough and forces them to lick from the same position. It's main function is in rationing feed.

Can the creep gates be purchased at a later date?

Yes – they can be attached after the feeder is assembled.

How do you know where to set the slides for rationing?

The feeders come with a feed rationing chart on the panel above the trough. This will provide a good starting point of what amount stock will consume at each different setting. This is a guide only and farmers need to record actual feed intake to work out their own calculations because the different types of feed and other conditions can affect the intake. If stock are consuming more than desired these slides should be closed. If stock are eating less than desired then the slides should be opened.

Can you shut the slides fully?

The top slide can close to a 3mm gap so feed won’t flow under it.

How do you position the adjuster guard?

It locates behind 5 braces on the 1800/51 bushels and 3800/180 bushels. On the 800/27 bushels it locates behind 3 braces. The friction holds it in place.

How do you re-position the slides?

There are 8mm bolts with 13mm heads that screw into captive nuts. This means only a wrench is needed to loosen and tighten the bolts.

How does the 13mm box spanner fasten to the feeder?

The handle on the wrench can be threaded through a 10mm hole found on the end panels.

How do I ration the feed?

The feeders have an advanced adjustment system which involves 2 movable adjusters that slide perpendicular to each other. The feed falls into an area between these 2 adjusters. To increase the ration the height and width of the feed is increased. Incremental volume scales inside the feeder allows for assessment of feed outflow and whether the setting of the adjusters needs to be changed for desired outflow. From the experience of our trials and the feedback from our customers, we have developed a spreadsheet for different rations at different settings. This can be obtained upon purchase of these feeders.

Can the feeders be used for feedlotting?

Many customers are using these grain feeders in feedlots. Even though they are saliva restriction feeders, the adjusters can be easily set to a full ration. The restriction system can initially have a useful purpose in the feedlot because it can be used to precondition sheep on a high starch base diet.

How are the feeders filled?

This varies due to: 1) what equipment is available on farm, and 2) what feed is put in them. These feeders can easily be filled with 5in1 bins, groupers, trail feeders with a pencil auger, chaser bins, towable multi-bins, bulka-bags, FEL buckets, etc.

Is shy-feeding stock a problem?

The largest contributor to shy feeding is the number of stock per feeder. For instance, if there were 100 lambs per feeder in a feed lot situation, shy feeding would be of no or very little concern. If the number of lambs were to increase to 200 in the same situation some shy feeders are likely to emerge. 3IN1FEEDERS has developed a system to identify shy feeders by mixing blue food dye with the feed. Please email us to ask for a free fact sheet if you would like to read more.

How does the lid open?

The lid is offset and has a handle on one side so it can be pulled back until it rests against 2 stops. The lid is fastened shut by a 5mm chain and a quick link for convenience. The feeder is completely water proof.

Can the creep gates be purchased at a later date?

Yes - they can be attached after the feeder is assembled.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.