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About us

Dealers: Marlin and Myrna Huber

Marlin and Myrna are responsible for the North American market. They run their own business, Huber Ag Equipment, where they sell a variety of shortline as well as used Farm Equipment.

Marlin has a lot of experience in sales as he has been a salesman for both John Deere and Case. They are excited about adding 3IN1FEEDERS to their shortline equipment and helping to make the greatest self-feeder in the world more readily available to farmers in North America.

Myrna is kept quite busy running after the kids in the pasture outside and the kids in the house. So far the kids in the pasture outnumber the kids in the house! Marlin and Myrna feel extremely blessed to have 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls that are a great asset on the family farm and just a pile of fun to have around! They run a farm of 200 sheep and 100 goats as well as some cattle, horses, pastured poultry and of course guard dogs. With their busy family and farming life they are thrilled about the ability to save time by using these 3IN1FEEDERS on their farm.

They look forward to getting out to farm shows and sharing the benefits of the 3IN1FEEDERS with you, our customers.

3IN1FEEDERS Spreading:

3IN1FEEDERS and Advantage Feeders is continuing to expand across the Canada, United States, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In 2013 Advantage Feeders is planning to sell products in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

Managing Director: Gerard Roney

Advantage Feeders was started in 2006 by Gerard Roney. Gerard grew up as one of seven children on a sheep and cropping property. He developed his main product, the grain feeder, while he was studying at university. In 2005 Gerard bought 1000 ewes, and found that the feeders he bought could not offer a low enough controlled feed ration. Gerard wanted to feed ½lbs/head/day, but the feeders only had one adjusting slide, and the lowest consistent ration he was able to feed was 1½lbs/head/day. The inability to feed a low ration meant that Gerard was finding the cost of feed and feeding very expensive, and was struggling to find the time to constantly feed the sheep.

Gerard spent 6 months making and testing prototypes featuring the Advanced Adjustment System that he had developed. His goal was to develop a system within grain feeders that would limit the sheep to accessing only what they could touch with their tongue at any one time. Gerard's trials indicated that sheep were leaving a feeder set to a low controlled ration after about 5 minutes of feeding.

Gerard now spends the majority of his time developing new products and expanding internationally.